Saturday, July 19, 2008

I love this.....

Kate shared this link with me tonight and it is sooooo appropriate for being pregnant in the summer time. I need to order this in a poster size and hang it on my front door. It would serve as a disclaimer!!!!

more cat pictures

I am tired and feel like poop so I am off to bed. I will try to post more tomorrow. Lots of stuff going on!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's time to update....I am such a slacker!!

Well, a lot has happened since I last blogged about three months doesnt seem like its been that long ago, but I really guess it has. I am a bad blogger, I know. So I guess I should update you with everything going on in my/our lives!

First of all, the kids are great! Happy that summer is here and loving the water. At least Addison is. She loves the water park and cant wait to go back!! Preston just loves to be outside...mostly so he can eat everything in sight!!

Other than a trip to Quebec City, Josh has been home as well. It has been nice! He leaves again soon for shock trials but will be back before my birthday so that is good too. He will be in port a lot so it really wont be that bad at all. We will be able to talk on the phone and that always makes it easier.

I am hoping to drive down to Savannah the last week in July to see James and then we will just make the short trip to FL to see Josh too. Might as well, being that close. I havent seen James(dad) since 2001 in Las Vegas. I really miss him!!! I hope it all works out to see him. I know that Addison would love to meet her Poppie. I can already see how much fun the two of them would have together!! She is a riot these days too. He is going to love her sense of humor...they really are so much alike...Today she is "cooking" in her kitchen and she comes to tell me what she has on her menu...Eggs, burgers, and chicken boobs. Yes folks, that is right, chicken boobs. I nearly choked on my drink when she said that. There was one day I was talking about chicken breasts and she couldnt say breasts so I said its chicken boobs. It has been awhile since I said that but apparently she remembered. She also told me that she has ketchup, mustard and other stuff for the chicken boobs so they will taste good. I love her....

In the meantime, the pregnancy is progressing. I have hit some minor bumps lately but hopefully all will turn out well. We had our 20 week ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and we werent going to find out the gender. The tech asked if we wanted to find out and we said no. I also told her that sometimes its just really obvious if its passed over and wouldnt you know it? She went to measure the legs and there it was, A GIRL!!! Josh and I both knew right away that it was a girl. The tech confirmed it for us. Addison was right this whole time. She knew it was a girl from the beginning. So Josh and Preston will be outnumbered by us girls. It just means that we will have lots of protection since they have to look our for three girls!!

And finally, we are all moved in to our new house! We all love it soo much!!! It is so nice and so big! It is twice the size of our last house and the backyard is amazingly huge!! Preston loves to take Addison's stroller and do laps with it around the island in the kitchen. It is soo cute!! Hopefully we will get the nursery started and on its way!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm slacking...I know...

So I know I have missed Tuesday blog assignment and I need to do Fridays as well. I have been rather occupied with little sleep. Addison has an ear infection and now Preston is puking. Its going to be a great looooong night. I think he is getting the virus that she had last week...hers started with the puking. At least he isnt running a fever. As I type this at 2:09 am he is sitting in his Pack n Play in my room pulling the handle on his little lamb that plays a lullabye. He has been pulling it for 10 minutes straight. Poor thing. I think he doesnt want to go back to sleep so he doesnt get sick again. I didnt even know he had thrown up at first. He started fussing at 1245 so I assumed he had lost his paci so I went to go and find it. I felt around his bed and that is when I ran my hand across it. Not too good when you are pregnant!!! So I turned on the light to find that he had thrown up twice. I moved him to the PNP while I got the sheets all off and he puked again. I went to start a bath and off we went. We took a bath, I cleaned the PNP up and moved it to my room. Got him all dressed and he was sitting in the PNP and he threw up yet again!!! Making it 5 times in about 2 hours. I hope it is out of his system, but I wont bet on it. Mommy instinct. So he will sleep in my room so I can at least hear him if it does happen again.

Josh got in today but had duty so he is still on the ship. We get to pick him up in the morning and he will be home for a few weeks before they are gone for some qualifications. The next trip should just be a few days so not too bad. He is excited to be home! So are we!!

Okay, onto the blog assignments. Tuesdays assignment was Springtime. Here goes...

Spring is my favorite season for many reasons. First and foremost, it is when the dead of winter leaves and all things come back to life. Easter is in the spring and Jesus rose from the dead and it is the same thing to me. I love all the sounds of spring, from the rain falling on the roof to the chirps of the baby birds in the morning. I love that the weather gets nicer and nicer as the days go on. I love the smell in the air of all the flowers that are in bloom. I love to see all the little buds on the tree start to bloom and then to see all the trees go from brown to beautiful shades of green. I miss seeing the bluebonnets and the paintbrushes bloom in Texas...oh how I miss that terribly!!! I also love spring time because my two girls were born in spring. I love spring, can you tell?

Fridays assignment is fantasy shopping. I am to pick at least two things that I would love to have but dont.

First would be a Volvo XC90. It is my dream SUV. It is soo sleek and nice...I would love to have one!! The way I would want it would probably cost around $50,000. Not too bad...

Another thing that I would want to have is a nice house. Nothing too big, unless it came with maid service but since this is fantasy shopping, I guess I could have both! The house would be 6 bedrooms with a huge master suite with a large sitting area. The master bath would have to have a double stand up shower and the bathtub would be a spa tub with the jets and the lights. We would have separate walk in closets. The kids would have their own room. One of the other rooms would be a nice office. The last bedroom would be a guest room. There would be a bathroom connecting two bedrooms for the kids and a bathroom connecting the last of the kids rooms and the guest room. There would also be maybe a half bath for the hall way. In this house there would have to be a huge playroom. The kids have tons of toys and they need a lot of storage. The house would also have a huge kitchen with a nice 6 burner gas commercial like stove. All the floors would be hardwood, cherry wood. It would have a nice living room with new furniture and a nice size DLP TV. Yeah baby!! I guess we could have a pool in the back with a nice outdoor kitchen area with a nice built in grill in the covered patio. Of course the pool would have the safety fence around it. That is a given. I will have to research and find some pics to post of this so called house. When I do, I will post them here.

Preston is finally asleep so I am off to dreamland myself!!! Goodnight!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Say hello to Wymore No. 3!!!

I had a great appointment today and have a wonderful doctor!!! She is super nice and very friendly and I look forward to seeing her every four weeks! The exam went well and the ultrasound was even better!! I have actually lost quite a few lbs since I was weighed last...about 12 lbs lighter. I am under 150 now and I am happy that I am starting out weighing less than I did to start off with P. I also took my 9 week belly picture today before I left and here it is!!


And here is the ultrasound pic with just the baby...anyone want to take any guesses on what the sex will be? It will be a surprise for us but everyone is welcome to leave a vote if you would like!!


I was really nervous before the u/s today because I have never had to wait this long to see the baby before and I was so scared that something was going to be wrong since I have had two bouts of spotting. But as soon as we found No. 3 (Josh has dubbed this baby as No. 3) the first thing you could see was the little heart just beating so fast!!! I cried because it was just so relieving to see it and it made it all more real to me. I really wish Josh could have been there for it but I know that he will love seeing the picture. I am so grateful to have this little miracle inside me. I cant wait to meet in 7 more months. Its real...I am pregnant and have a baby inside!!!! YAY!!!!

Good night everyone!!!

Thanks y'all!

I wanted to thank everyone for all the great comments!!! They really mean a lot to me!!! I am off to take a shower to get ready for my appointment today and hopefully I will have a nice new pic of the baby to show off!! I got to talk to Josh this morning before they left port and he will be home soon!!!! Cant say when but it will be this week sometime!!!

Lori, I am so glad that I am this close to you!! I really enjoy your company and miss you when I am not there.

Jerinda, congrats again on the big day!!! Cant wait to hear all the details!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Karen, thanks for all the wonderful things you said. It means a lot to me!

Melissa, it truly is a blessing that we can stay home with our kids while our husbands are away. I love my life and I wouldnt trade it for anything!!

Susan, thanks for the sweet words too!! I appreciate it!!! Thank you!!

If I forgot anyone I am sorry...blame it on the preggo brain!!! I will be keeping up with this is my outlet!!!!

Be back later!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Long blogging....

Well, a lot has transpired since I last blogged. Josh has been in and out a few times and is currently underway and the details are classified. I do know that they will be home early, about 6 weeks early!!! WOO HOO!!! Anyhow, both kids are currently sick, which really sucks because we all know how sick Preston gets when he gets it. This makes his 5th illness this year alone. Granted, it is a virus that Addison has so it only makes sense that he would get it but I would think that with him being over a year old that his little body would have some kind of immunity to getting sick, but apparently not. We are trying to fight doctors to find out why he gets so sick all the time. So far this year, he has had 2 ear infections and three viruses. The bad part about him getting sick is he runs a high fever. Three times he has been sick he has ran a fever of at least 104. I am sorry, but that is a really high fever for such a small body, yet we are no closer to finding out what is wrong. He has had two blood tests done and the only thing that they can find abnormal is his platelet count has been high for the two different tests. They wont specifically check for what I keep asking for so my next referral will be for either an immunologist or a hematoligst.

As for Addison, she will be celebrating her 3rd birthday on the 1st and she is excited. Hopefully she will be feeling better before then. She has been running a fever all week and at first the doctor at the urgent care clinic told me that she had a UTI that went to her kidneys and that she had a severe kidney infection, and told me that they normally hospitalized for treatment but since she was not in a lot of pain nor was she throwing up she could go home and do the antibiotics. Well, she threw up on the way home and I of course freaked out. I called the doctor back and he said it was okay but if she couldnt keep fluids or her meds down it would be an issue. The next morning she woke up and I gave her the meds and she threw it all up 10 mins later. I called and made an appt for her. The first thing out of her doctors mouth was she did not have a UTI or a kidney infection. She did however have a virus that causes vomiting and the cold symptoms which she had both of. So today is day five of her running a fever. The good thing is it comes down with tylenol/motrin. I just hate to completely cut all fever out since it is a virus, fever is the only thing that is going to help get rid of it. So we are just watching it for now.

As for other news, most of you already know that we are expecting our third child this fall. I have been given two different dates, 10/31 and 11/1. They are only a day apart so it really doesnt make much difference, so I am sticking with 11/1 for now! This pregnancy was a complete surprise as we were not trying. All babies are miracles and this one is mine. After all the medical intervention we needed to conceive Addison and Preston, this is for sure a little miracle! I go for my next appointment with an ultrasound on Monday, March 31st. Josh was supposed to go with me but with the unexpected last minute underway trip, he wont be able.

We had a good Easter and got some cute pics of the kids.







Jerinda has posted a blog topic for today and it is what am I thankful for...Here goes.

I am thankful today for all that I have in my life. From the toys scattered on the living room floor to the baby that is growing in my body. But I would have to say that I am most thankful for my wonderful husband. He hates being away from his family for extended periods of time and even though we hate it too, I am thankful for it. Most people would and will think I am crazy but hear me out. I am thankful for it because it allows me to stay home and watch my children grow up and change every day. It does suck being away from him. It really does. But that is part of being in the Navy. It is part of my job as a Navy wife. I am thankful that I get to wake up each day when ever Preston wakes up. I am thankful that I am the one that puts him down for a nap. I am thankful that I am here for him since he has been so sick there is no day care that would take him since he wont get his shots for a while. I am thankful to be here in Va. I know that I am 1500 miles away from home and away from my friends and family, but I have also made some really great friends here too. They are different friends. They are navy wives and we all have a special bond since we are all navy wives. I am thankful for them. I do miss my friends back home and the family support, but I think I have adjusted nicely here in Va. I cant believe that we have been here for over a year now. I am also thankful for the new house that we will be getting soon. It is going to be so nice to have room to move around in and not be so cramped.

I am sure that there is more, but I cant think right now. So I have finished Friday's blog assignment and I am thankful for it since it got me to blog again!!!

One last pic...I got my hair cut recently too and I havent shared it here yet, obviously!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Well, it is the start of a new year! I cant believe the last year has just gone by so fast! I guess that is what happens when your husband is gone for half of it! 2007 was a good year, it was my first full year as a Navy wife and I have to say that I think I did rather well!! I survived Josh being gone for 5.5 months and we are getting ready for him to leave again. Not for that long, but since he is on sea duty, they have workups every month till they have their first deployment, which wont be until 2009 sometime. I can handle that! He will be gone for two weeks later this month and not sure yet for Feb. They will be returning to Spain sometime this spring. All in all, it will be a great year. He will get to go to school and they are going to add classes to the ship so he will be able to start working towards his bachelors, which will only help towards his rank!!

It is snowing today...not too much, mostly flurries, but it is still snow when you are from Texas like me! They are calling for some bay effect snow tomorrow and wouldnt you know it? We live 5 miles off the Chesapeake bay!! So I guess we will get some snow. It was coming down pretty good this morning when we left Lee and Sherri's. Addison is excited to see the snow. Not too many places where you can go to the beach and enjoy the nice warm summers and then see the snow and "enjoy" the cold in winter! (can you hear the sarcasm there???)

Preston is on the verge of walking. He will stand on his own and even clap his hands, but wont take that first step darn it. He loves all the attention though, so maybe he is just eating it all up for now....

Addison is doing great! Fully and completely potty trained and very rarely has an accident. Even over night! She is such a big girl and is really digging being the big girl too!

I still need to post the pics from Christmas. I hope to get those up today.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the night before Christmas....

and the only creature still stirring is Addison...she wont go to sleep...even with the threat that Santa wont come to leave her toys if she doesnt go to sleep. It is still going to be a great night once she does fall asleep. We have a lot still to wrap and get ready for tomorrow. Josh has a couple of guys coming for dinner tomorrow, so I need to plan dinner. We got a holiday food basket from the ship and it contained all of the fixin's for Christmas dinner, so I will be cooking tomorrow. Instead of turkey, we will have chicken! I will take some pics of tomorrow and I will post them tomorrow some time. Good night everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007


Its official!! JOSH IS HOME!!!! The ship pulled into port this morning and we were there to welcome it home! We were waiting on LPD-17 USS San Antonio to watch it come to the piers. Afterwards, we were escorted on board. Josh got a nice surprise since I didnt even know it until it happened. He wasnt expecting us till later in the day, but he got to see us early. Both of the kids were soooo excited!!! He has duty until 8 am and then he will be home with us until the 27th, when he had duty again. I will get some pics uploaded and post them here soon. Thanks for listening to all my troubles while he has been gone!

Here is a piece from a local news station

We've had a Navy homecoming every day this week.

But Friday, the sailors were not coming home from deployment.

Instead they were coming home after building the newest ship in the Navy.

It's USS Mesa Verde, the third in a new class of ships that's seen it's share of problems.

Built in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Mesa Verde's trip to its homeport in Norfolk was delayed a year and a half when Hurricane Katrina hit the shipyard there. Nine construction-crew members lost their home.

Making its way past the other ships tied up at the piers at Naval Station Norfolk, Mesa Verde definitely looked different. The masts are enclosed on the ship giving the ship a sleeker look and protecting radar and communications antennae from weather and reducing the ship's vulnerability to detection by the enemy.

The trip was a long time coming for families, many who have lived here alone while their sailors worked on the ship in Mississippi for the past three years.

While the Mesa Verde is the third in the new San Antonio class, it will actually be the first of the class to deploy. That's because those first two ships, USS San Antonio and USS New Orleans, had millions of dollars worth of design problems. They're still working out the kinks now.

The $1.3 billion dollar Mesa Verde is apparently having fewer problems.

"All of the ships are getting better all the time, and each ship continues to improve and to be better than the one before," said Cmdr. Shawn Lobree, Commanding Officer of USS Mesa Verde.

"It feels great," said Senior Chief Robert Hill. "It's been three years building it and it's been a long time. It's really good to be back here in Norfolk."

The sailors get to settle into their permanent home station over the Christmas holiday. It will still be another one and a half to two years of testing and training before mesa verde can deploy.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Josh just sent me a text message to let me know that they are officially underway and on their way home!!! I am sooooooooo excited! I was able to talk to him for a minute earlier after they got back from the cruise before they were going to get things ready to get underway. SO he is on the way and they wont be stopping so I am really looking forward to Friday. He said that the commissioning went well on Saturday.

On another note...I am sick right now. This just sucks. At least I will get it now and hopefully Christmas will be good!!! Addison wasnt feeling good the other day, so I think I just got it from her.

And for a potty training update. No diapers, no accidents. I am soo freaking proud of her!!! She even knows when she needs to go without me prompting her. She has made it 12 hours overnight with no accidents. Last night, she didnt even have a pull up aka Night time panties on. She has worn it for three nights prior and no accidents so I figured it would be okay to let her go without.

I will keep you all updated as the week goes on...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 7....

And she is still doing fantastic! We are day 3 of no accidents! I know that they will happen, but she is doing sooooo good with knowing when to go on her own. I am so unbelieveably proud of her and I make sure to tell her that too!!! She even went two hours during church last night with out any accidents or going! I took her before I dropped her off in her class and she didnt go while she was in class so I took her afterwards! YEAH!!!! I really never thought that it would be this easy, but I know that it has been a long time coming.

So now we are down to single digits till Josh gets home. YIPPIE!!!!! He has duty the day that they get back, but I will take the kids up to see him when the ships gets in. I am really excited to see the ship and so it Addison!!!

I am in the process of setting up a website for a business and I am really excited about it. Stephy has been helping me with it all, designing the layout and how to get it ready. (THANK YOU STEPHANIE!!!!!!)

So as soon as it is all done and open for business, I will post the link here for all to see!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

5 days and going strong!!!

The potty training continues..

Addison has been doing very is a recap of the last few days....

She did have two accidents thru the day on Saturday, but she never soaked herself. She started to pee and realized it and would run to the bathroom and finish in the potty! That night, I didnt wake her up before I went to bed, but was going to get her up at 3 when I couldnt sleep. I had just missed her window and she had wet the bed. I told her that it was okay because accidents do happen. She helped me make the bed up and we went to sleep. We slept in because Preston allowed us too, and she did great from then on. On Sunday, I had to leave the house and go to Walmart and the NEX and it was our first venture out of the house without a diaper. I made her go before we left the house, and as soon as we got to Walmart. We were there about an hour and I made her go before we left there. We got to the NEX and we were there about an hour as well, and she held it till we got home. Again, so proud of her!!!! That night, I woke her up to go pee before I went to bed and no accidents either. Monday she did have a couple of accidents, but nothing major, barely wetting herself. Last night, I did put a pull up on but I told her that it was her night time big girl panties and that she couldnt pee in them either. So at about 1:30, sat up straight in bed and I asked her if she needed to go potty and she said yes so i picked her up and took to go potty. She went and woke up this morning still dry!!!! Today, I was a little worried, she had to go to her babysitter and I told her baby sitter last night that she was potty trained and to work with her today and to my surprise, no accidents at all!!! Still, now that we are home, still no pee outside of the potty. And she has started to recognize when she needs to go before she does. She will start to hold herself or do the pee pee dance and I will ask her if she needs to go and she says yes and runs to go.

I am so completely proud of her and she knows it too! I call her a rock star and she just eats it up!!! I told her that if she keeps it up and stays acting like a big girl then Santa would be bringing her an extra special "big girl" present for Christmas!! I think I will get her a special necklace or something really special!!!

10 days and counting....I cant believe tomorrow starts the Single Digit Countdown for Josh to return home. Whats even better, being able to say he will be home NEXT WEEK!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


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Addison has now gone almost 48 hours without wearing a diaper!!!


I am so freaking proud of her!!! AND she has made it thru two naps and one overnight with no accident!!!! She had a minor accident tonight where she started to pee, but realized it and ran to the bathroom and hopped up on the potty and finished peeing in the potty!!!

It all started yesterday morning when she woke up and had to go potty so she did and said that she wanted to wear her big girl panties and I told her that she could, but when mommy told her it was time to go potty, that she had to go with no arguing. I set our alarm clock since it has two alarms and started with every 30 minutes and moved it to 45 minutes and eventually every hour. She did great!!! No accidents at all and she actually peed everytime she went. I woke her up at 2 this morning before I went to bed to give her a chance to pee and she did, but barely any. She slept till 10:15 this morning and still no accidents! I told her when she woke up that she had to go potty and she did!!!

My little girl is growing up so fast!!! No more diapers for her!!!

Now, the real test comes when we leave the house! But I still think that she will do okay!

As for little man...
He started to say mum ma yesterday for the first time. Everytime I say it, he usually says da da. Silly boy...He also started to clap his hands and say hi yesterday. He also stood alone for about a minute. That is the longest he has done that. But he has no intention of walking yet. He doesnt even really want to take a step while holding your hands. Thats fine with me, I want him to wait till his daddy gets home! I am hoping that he will take his first steps on Chrismas day! How awesome would that be?

Josh will be home in 12 days!! We cant wait! We are so excited!!!!

Well, I will keep everyone updated on how the potty training is going!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I just hate days like today. I am just so frustrated and for no apparent reason. My temper is just short and I just feel like shit. I have a headache, and that could be part of it. I just put Preston to bed, and he has started that stupid high pitched squeal/screaming again and I think that is part of it too. It just drives me batty. I try to distract him when he does it, but he is doing out of protest. Whenever he wants to be in the spotlight, he does it. I try not to pay attention to it so he doesnt think that all he has to do is scream at me, but I dont know what else to do. Addison on the other hand, has been doing really well lately. The whining has all but ceased, and the fits are getting shorted and more distant. Dont get me wrong, she still has her moments, afterall, she is still 2. But she is getting much better. She still has some difficulty listening to me when I tell her no, mostly because she wants her way, but I have just started to ignore her and tell her that when she is can stop crying and can listen to me, I will talk to her. So we are improving there.

Josh comes home two weeks from tomorrow. I am so happy about that. Granted, he has duty the same day he gets home and that means he has to stay on the ship, but I do believe that we will be able to go onto the ship to see him the day he gets back. I am so ready for him to be here and for me to be able to have a break. I know that I wont get much of one, but just to have some one here to help with changing diapers or feeding a meal, would be nice.

I think that is all for now... I cant think of much more to say.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

22 days and counting....

Till Josh arrives in port. I cannot wait! We are so excited to be a family again!! The last 5 months have been long and somewhat hard, but we have managed. I am just ready to have some normalcy back in my life with Josh. I want to get back into our routine of him going to work, coming home for dinner, putting the kids in bed at their bedtimes, and just enjoying the adult conversation until we are ready for bed ourselves. I know that he wont be here every third day because of Duty, but that is tolerable. I just miss waking up every morning and him being there. So, three weeks from tomorrow morning they will be pulling into the Chesapeake bay and will be making their way to their pier for the first time ever. How exciting??? Addison cant wait to see daddys ship get here. She remembers when uncle Nicky's came back in May and granted that this will be different, the concept is the same. So in the meantime, I will continue to work so we can use that money for Christmas and just wait for him to come home!!

I know...nothing too exciting today....I picked up our portraits from JCP yesterday so I will be working on our Christmas cards today. I will post them when they are done....

Oh I almost forgot...I got to meet Robert Irvine from the Food Network show Dinner Impossible the other day. He was doing a book signing at our NEX (navy exchange, like a target meets dillards) and I got his book and he signed it and got some pics of him. I need to upload them and post them here...