Thursday, December 6, 2007


I just hate days like today. I am just so frustrated and for no apparent reason. My temper is just short and I just feel like shit. I have a headache, and that could be part of it. I just put Preston to bed, and he has started that stupid high pitched squeal/screaming again and I think that is part of it too. It just drives me batty. I try to distract him when he does it, but he is doing out of protest. Whenever he wants to be in the spotlight, he does it. I try not to pay attention to it so he doesnt think that all he has to do is scream at me, but I dont know what else to do. Addison on the other hand, has been doing really well lately. The whining has all but ceased, and the fits are getting shorted and more distant. Dont get me wrong, she still has her moments, afterall, she is still 2. But she is getting much better. She still has some difficulty listening to me when I tell her no, mostly because she wants her way, but I have just started to ignore her and tell her that when she is can stop crying and can listen to me, I will talk to her. So we are improving there.

Josh comes home two weeks from tomorrow. I am so happy about that. Granted, he has duty the same day he gets home and that means he has to stay on the ship, but I do believe that we will be able to go onto the ship to see him the day he gets back. I am so ready for him to be here and for me to be able to have a break. I know that I wont get much of one, but just to have some one here to help with changing diapers or feeding a meal, would be nice.

I think that is all for now... I cant think of much more to say.

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Kitty said...

Sounds like Addison is doing really good.I feel for you with the squealing.Sometimes Griffin does it to protest at me and if I haven't had much sleep it sounds 20 times louder lol I'm so happy your husband will be home soon and you guys can get back to everyday life!