Sunday, December 9, 2007


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Addison has now gone almost 48 hours without wearing a diaper!!!


I am so freaking proud of her!!! AND she has made it thru two naps and one overnight with no accident!!!! She had a minor accident tonight where she started to pee, but realized it and ran to the bathroom and hopped up on the potty and finished peeing in the potty!!!

It all started yesterday morning when she woke up and had to go potty so she did and said that she wanted to wear her big girl panties and I told her that she could, but when mommy told her it was time to go potty, that she had to go with no arguing. I set our alarm clock since it has two alarms and started with every 30 minutes and moved it to 45 minutes and eventually every hour. She did great!!! No accidents at all and she actually peed everytime she went. I woke her up at 2 this morning before I went to bed to give her a chance to pee and she did, but barely any. She slept till 10:15 this morning and still no accidents! I told her when she woke up that she had to go potty and she did!!!

My little girl is growing up so fast!!! No more diapers for her!!!

Now, the real test comes when we leave the house! But I still think that she will do okay!

As for little man...
He started to say mum ma yesterday for the first time. Everytime I say it, he usually says da da. Silly boy...He also started to clap his hands and say hi yesterday. He also stood alone for about a minute. That is the longest he has done that. But he has no intention of walking yet. He doesnt even really want to take a step while holding your hands. Thats fine with me, I want him to wait till his daddy gets home! I am hoping that he will take his first steps on Chrismas day! How awesome would that be?

Josh will be home in 12 days!! We cant wait! We are so excited!!!!

Well, I will keep everyone updated on how the potty training is going!!!


Kitty said...

Good job on working with Addison that is really excellent! Little preston is getting so big.He'll probably start running instead of starting to walk lol

Jerinda said...

Yay for potty training, yay for mumma, and yay for Josh coming home!!

Lee said...

Ditto to what Jerinda said!! Potty training can be a pain...I'm glad that Addison is doing so well!! Here's to Preston taking his first steps with Daddy on Christmas morning!