Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Well, it is the start of a new year! I cant believe the last year has just gone by so fast! I guess that is what happens when your husband is gone for half of it! 2007 was a good year, it was my first full year as a Navy wife and I have to say that I think I did rather well!! I survived Josh being gone for 5.5 months and we are getting ready for him to leave again. Not for that long, but since he is on sea duty, they have workups every month till they have their first deployment, which wont be until 2009 sometime. I can handle that! He will be gone for two weeks later this month and not sure yet for Feb. They will be returning to Spain sometime this spring. All in all, it will be a great year. He will get to go to school and they are going to add classes to the ship so he will be able to start working towards his bachelors, which will only help towards his rank!!

It is snowing today...not too much, mostly flurries, but it is still snow when you are from Texas like me! They are calling for some bay effect snow tomorrow and wouldnt you know it? We live 5 miles off the Chesapeake bay!! So I guess we will get some snow. It was coming down pretty good this morning when we left Lee and Sherri's. Addison is excited to see the snow. Not too many places where you can go to the beach and enjoy the nice warm summers and then see the snow and "enjoy" the cold in winter! (can you hear the sarcasm there???)

Preston is on the verge of walking. He will stand on his own and even clap his hands, but wont take that first step darn it. He loves all the attention though, so maybe he is just eating it all up for now....

Addison is doing great! Fully and completely potty trained and very rarely has an accident. Even over night! She is such a big girl and is really digging being the big girl too!

I still need to post the pics from Christmas. I hope to get those up today.