Monday, March 31, 2008

Say hello to Wymore No. 3!!!

I had a great appointment today and have a wonderful doctor!!! She is super nice and very friendly and I look forward to seeing her every four weeks! The exam went well and the ultrasound was even better!! I have actually lost quite a few lbs since I was weighed last...about 12 lbs lighter. I am under 150 now and I am happy that I am starting out weighing less than I did to start off with P. I also took my 9 week belly picture today before I left and here it is!!


And here is the ultrasound pic with just the baby...anyone want to take any guesses on what the sex will be? It will be a surprise for us but everyone is welcome to leave a vote if you would like!!


I was really nervous before the u/s today because I have never had to wait this long to see the baby before and I was so scared that something was going to be wrong since I have had two bouts of spotting. But as soon as we found No. 3 (Josh has dubbed this baby as No. 3) the first thing you could see was the little heart just beating so fast!!! I cried because it was just so relieving to see it and it made it all more real to me. I really wish Josh could have been there for it but I know that he will love seeing the picture. I am so grateful to have this little miracle inside me. I cant wait to meet in 7 more months. Its real...I am pregnant and have a baby inside!!!! YAY!!!!

Good night everyone!!!


Kitty said...

I don't have an u/s until 18 weeks :( I guess unless there is a medical issue they don't do them until then.I am just in awe of yours to see that little peanut developing.He/she is about the size of a grape right now isn't that amazing?

Karen said...

It's always a relief to see that little heartbeat, isn't it. I don't have a guess yet about the gender. You can put an ongoing poll up on your blog and people can come vote.

Susan said...

So glad it went well, I always love seeing U/S photos. {HUGS}

Jerinda said...

I am so happy for you!!!

smiledarlin said...

I will enjoy going thru this preg with you online...
You look great!! Keep a POSITIVE attitude about you... for your sake and the kids you have to deal with daily!
Keep us posted!

I'll hold my opinion of sex for awhile.
Love ya

Heather said...

Yay! I miss you!