Saturday, July 19, 2008

I love this.....

Kate shared this link with me tonight and it is sooooo appropriate for being pregnant in the summer time. I need to order this in a poster size and hang it on my front door. It would serve as a disclaimer!!!!

more cat pictures

I am tired and feel like poop so I am off to bed. I will try to post more tomorrow. Lots of stuff going on!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's time to update....I am such a slacker!!

Well, a lot has happened since I last blogged about three months doesnt seem like its been that long ago, but I really guess it has. I am a bad blogger, I know. So I guess I should update you with everything going on in my/our lives!

First of all, the kids are great! Happy that summer is here and loving the water. At least Addison is. She loves the water park and cant wait to go back!! Preston just loves to be outside...mostly so he can eat everything in sight!!

Other than a trip to Quebec City, Josh has been home as well. It has been nice! He leaves again soon for shock trials but will be back before my birthday so that is good too. He will be in port a lot so it really wont be that bad at all. We will be able to talk on the phone and that always makes it easier.

I am hoping to drive down to Savannah the last week in July to see James and then we will just make the short trip to FL to see Josh too. Might as well, being that close. I havent seen James(dad) since 2001 in Las Vegas. I really miss him!!! I hope it all works out to see him. I know that Addison would love to meet her Poppie. I can already see how much fun the two of them would have together!! She is a riot these days too. He is going to love her sense of humor...they really are so much alike...Today she is "cooking" in her kitchen and she comes to tell me what she has on her menu...Eggs, burgers, and chicken boobs. Yes folks, that is right, chicken boobs. I nearly choked on my drink when she said that. There was one day I was talking about chicken breasts and she couldnt say breasts so I said its chicken boobs. It has been awhile since I said that but apparently she remembered. She also told me that she has ketchup, mustard and other stuff for the chicken boobs so they will taste good. I love her....

In the meantime, the pregnancy is progressing. I have hit some minor bumps lately but hopefully all will turn out well. We had our 20 week ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and we werent going to find out the gender. The tech asked if we wanted to find out and we said no. I also told her that sometimes its just really obvious if its passed over and wouldnt you know it? She went to measure the legs and there it was, A GIRL!!! Josh and I both knew right away that it was a girl. The tech confirmed it for us. Addison was right this whole time. She knew it was a girl from the beginning. So Josh and Preston will be outnumbered by us girls. It just means that we will have lots of protection since they have to look our for three girls!!

And finally, we are all moved in to our new house! We all love it soo much!!! It is so nice and so big! It is twice the size of our last house and the backyard is amazingly huge!! Preston loves to take Addison's stroller and do laps with it around the island in the kitchen. It is soo cute!! Hopefully we will get the nursery started and on its way!!